Start Solve and Verify

Once Truebit on Ethereum has started:

1. Start Solver using account 0.

start solve -a 0


info: SOLVER initialized at block 6794618.

2. Start Verify using account 1.

start verify -a 1


info: VERIFIER initialized at block 6795600

3. Check if the Solver or Verifier is active.

truebit-os:> ps


SOLVERS Account 0: 0x2F25f5DF360305977Fef8F6730883a787785B802
VERIFIERS Account 1: 0x353510EF7b01b4BAAd9616ae23d344c5945c6771

4. Balances before start.

5. Create a task from the Task Giver terminal.

task -f factorial.json submit -a 0

6. Monitor task execution in each account's terminal.

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