Truebit on Ethereum Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I run Truebit on Ethereum?

Truebit on Ethereum runs on Ethereum mainnet.

Where can I find Truebit on Ethereum code and documentation?


What is Truebit’s token address?

The token contract address on Ethereum mainnet is: 0xf65B5C5104c4faFD4b709d9D60a185eAE063276c

How can I obtain Truebit tokens?

Tokens are available for purchase directly through Truebit OS. All sales transact in ETH.

I would like to participate as a Truebit on Ethereum Task Giver, Solver, or Verifier. How do I get started?

Use the contact form to request network access. Please include information about yourself, your GitHub handle, and your interest(s) in using Truebit. Then follow the Getting Started guide to get your Truebit node up and running. Chat with Truebit developers on Gitter.

I work for an exchange. Would you like a listing?

We welcome your participation in the network, however our organization does not engage in exchange listings.

Where can I learn more about Truebit economics?


Help, I can’t find Truebit’s Telegram channel!

Truebit does not have an official Telegram channel, however you can connect via Gitter, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Discord.

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