Create a Wallet

1. Initialize the account manager.

clef init

2. Create a master seed password which you'll use to unlock all your accounts.

clef attest 6441d5def6ec7ebe4ade8a9cf5d74f81088efaef314d8c4bda91221d02a9d976

Repeat the following two steps three times to create an account and attach to the keychain.

3. Create an account.

clef newaccount --keystore ~/.ethereum/mainnet/keystore


Your new key was generated

Please backup your key file!


Please remember your password! Generated account 0x353510EF7b01b4BAAd9616ae23d344c5945c6771

4. Attach the account password to your master seed password keychain.

clef setpw 0x353510EF7b01b4BAAd9616ae23d344c5945c6771


Credential store updated         set=0x353510EF7b01b4BAAd9616ae23d344c5945c6771

5. List all your accounts from the keystore.

geth account list --keystore ~/.ethereum/mainnet/keystore

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