Purchase TRU tokens

Once Truebit on Ethereum has started:

1. To see the price for 1000 TRU

token price -v 1000


info: Purchase 1000 TRU for 0.037803751112058189 ETH, or receive 0.00472455485360127 ETH for retiring the same TRU quantity. These ETH amounts correspond respectively to prices of 0.00003780375111205818 ETH/TRU and 0.00000472455485360127 ETH/TRU.

2. To purchase 1000 TRU

token purchase -v 1000 -a 0  


info: Address 0x2F25f5DF360305977Fef8F6730883a787785B802 bought 1000 TRU with 0.040064909641264466 ETH.  The effective price was 0.00004006490964126446 TRU/ETH.

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